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This document presents the terms of cooperation, obligations and rights of the parties. Compliance with these rules is strictly obligatory both for the Client and for EASY PROFIT.

1. General:

Important! Allowed to have only 1 account. If you violate this rule, you risk losing access to your account without refund.
1.1 This Agreement governs the provision of our project services to its Clients.
1.2 In case of violation by the Client of any of the clauses of this Agreement, the project disclaims all obligations to the Client.
1.3 Registration on the site and the creation of a deposit indicate that the Client has accepted absolutely all the conditions of this Agreement.
1.4 We have the right to make changes to this Agreement at any time without prior notice to the Client.

2. Duties of the parties.

2.1 The client becomes a party to the Agreement after going through the registration procedure on the website.
2.2 Registration on the site is only possible for adult citizens in accordance with the laws of the country of residence.
2.3 The Client undertakes not to use the site for purposes contrary to the laws of the Client’s country of residence.
2.4 The client undertakes to contact the support service in the event of a conflict, problems or complaints against us.
2.5 It is forbidden to post negative comments addressed to us in the media, in thematic chats and in public forums.
2.6 According to the terms of this Agreement, EASY PROFIT has the right to manage the Client’s capital, the amount of which is determined by the Client himself when creating a deposit on the EASY PROFIT website.
2.7 In respect of the personal data of the Client, we undertake to comply with the privacy policy.

3. Account Terms.

3.1 The client agrees to have only 1 account. For violation of this condition, you risk losing access to your account without refund.
3.2 The client is notified that none of the employees and the administration of the site ever contact the client with a request to provide data for access to the account.
3.3 The client undertakes to use the available means of protection of their personal data.

4. Terms of investment and profit.

4.1 When creating one deposit, it is permissible to use only one payment system.
4.2 Profit withdrawal is carried out on the payment system from which funds were deposited.
4.3 The minimum deposit amount is 0.16 USD.            
4.4 The minimum payout amount is 0.02 USD.            
4.5 The client agrees that the site prohibits using the latest savings, funds set aside for treatment, as well as loan funds for investment.
4.6 The client agrees that the withdrawal of the deposit before the deadline is excluded.
4.7 The profit of the Client depends on the conditions of the investment plan chosen by him.
4.8 The client is obliged to provide the EASY PROFIT with the correct payment details for the withdrawal of profits.
4.9 Payment of profits to the Customer is made instantly.

5. Terms of the affiliate program.

5.1 The client has the right to use the advantages of the affiliate program immediately after registration.
5.2 Affiliate program consists of five levels.
5.3 The company has the right to change the terms of the affiliate program without prior notification of the Client.
5.4 The client has the right at any time to request the payment of his partner remuneration or use it to create a deposit.
5.5 The client has the right to use the materials presented on the EASY PROFIT website for promotional purposes.
5.6 Affiliate remuneration is charged automatically to the Client’s account balance.

6. Responsibility of the parties.

6.1 We are not responsible for errors made by the Client when filling out payment details.
6.2 The client agrees that all transactions on the site are at your own risk. The client is notified that the previous figures do not guarantee such in the future, and voluntarily transfers the funds to the site management.
6.3 We are not responsible for any losses incurred by the Client as a result of using the site.